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Conservation Country Club

The Conservation Country Club provides financial support for golf and environment programs, services, and, specifically, the Golf & the Environment Initiative.  With an initial $25,000 contribution from The PGA of America to help kick-start this funding effort, Audubon International has set a goal to match the $100,000 of annual support received from the United States Golf Association (USGA). 

For more details on this funding initiative, including its history, purpose, need for support, how donations will be used, and benefits to member organizations, please click here (PDF file).

Charter Members

Along with The PGA of America, the following organizations have dedicated themselves to provide annual support to Audubon Internationalís environmental efforts in the golf industry by serving as Charter Members of the Conservation Country Club (unless otherwise noted, each organization has contributed $1,000):





Following the initial lead of our Charter Members, the following organizations have pledged their commitment to environmental stewardship and education in the golf industry with their annual contribution (unless otherwise noted, each organization has contributed $1,000):

Join the Club

To become a member of the Conservation Country Club and show your support for golf and the environment, please contact Paula Realbuto at (518) 767-9051 x11 or by e-mail at prealbuto@auduboninternational.org


Please also feel free to download the following:






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