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Support the work of Audubon International and contribute to a healthier environment starting right at home.  When you subscribe to ecoLogical Home Ideas, you will automatically become an Associate Member of Audubon International.  The magazine’s regular feature, “Treasuring Home Journal,” showcases Audubon International members and news, as well as ways to take action right at home.  ecoLogical Home Ideas also includes the latest green building news, remodeling techniques, do-it-yourself projects, resources, product reviews, a green events calendar, and more.

Who can join?

What’s involved?
Simply subscribe to ecological Home Ideas to become an Associate Member. Through our partnership with ecoLogical Home Ideas magazine, thousands of individuals are learning how to take action to protect the environment at home.

Associate Members also have the opportunity to make a personal commitment to save water, reduce waste, use energy efficiently, and welcome wildlife at home by taking Audubon International’s Treasuring Home Pledge.  The pledge is simple to fill out and enables you and your family to take steps toward living more sustainably.


Get involved and get results!
Join the growing number of people who are having a profound and positive impact on the place they call home today!  Discover what a difference one person can make and see the benefits right in your own home.

What does it cost?
A two-year subscription to ecoLogical Home Ideas magazine (eight issues) costs $19.95.  When you subscribe, you become an Associate Member of Audubon International automatically; there is no additional charge.


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