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From amphibians to water quality, our fact sheets will help you get started on a variety of conservation projects.

(Water quality monitoring and outreach project- Commonwealth National, PA)

Fact Sheet Library


All fact sheets are in Adobe PDF format and listed by general subject: Wildlife, Water, Eco-Efficiency, Outreach and Education, Community/Sustainability, and Golf and the Environment.  Also visit our Links Section for more great environmental resources.




- Amphibian Conservation


- Attracting Bluebirds
- Attracting Hummingbirds
- Hummingbird Plant Lists
                - Northeast
                - Pacific Northwest
                - Southeast and Florida

- Attracting Kestrels

- Bird Feeding

- Birds of US and Canada (checklist)
- Canada Geese

- Nest Box Project
- Nest Box Plans

- Nest Box Network
- Osprey
- Owls
- Preventing Bird Window Collisions
- Providing Safe Haven for Birds
- Purple Martins
- Ten Tips for Helping Migratory Birds

- Wood Ducks


Gardening for Wildlife

- Gardening for Wildlife

- Butterfly Gardening


Habitat Management

- Benefits of Naturalization

- Conserving Biodiversity

- Managing a Pond for Wildlife
Natural Landscaping

- Surveying the Diversity of No. America

- Top Ten Ways to Make A Difference
- Understanding Biodiversity

- Wildlife Corridors

Invasive Species
- Asian Longhorned Beetle
- Invasive Species Overview
- Watching out for West Nile Virus



- Bat Conservation
- Dealing with Wildlife Problems

- Deer Management


Outreach and Education


[NEW!] Choosing Outreach Projects

- Creating a Culture of  Stewardship
- Creating a Display

- Creating Great Signs
- Getting Recognized for Good Stewardship
- Sound Environment, Smart Marketing




- From One to Many
- The Nature of Your Neighborhood
- Model for Achieving Sustainability
- Principles for Sustainable Resource Management



Water Conservation
- Landscape Smart to Save Water
- The Water Imperative
- Water Conservation Tips


Water Quality Management
- Explore Your Watershed
- Protect Your Watershed
- Protecting Water Quality

- Stream Monitoring Resources
- Stream Water Quality Testing
- Tips for Keeping Water Clean
- Water Monitoring-Visual Survey

- Water Quality Monitoring (for Golf )
- We All Live Downstream
- Wetland Protection Success Stories
- Wetlands on Golf Courses




- The Business Value of Environmental Stewardship
- Eco-Purchasing


Chemical Use Reduction and Safety
- IPM- A Better Way To Manage
- IPM Quick Tips

- Maintenance Facility BMPs- A Self-Assessment  Checklist
- Pest Monitoring: A Key to IPM for Turf
- Setting IPM Thresholds
- What Good Are Bugs?


Design for Environment
- Intro to Green Building

- Driving Change in the Home-Building Industry


Energy Efficiency
- Conserving Energy
- Energy Conservation Survey
- Tips for Saving Energy


Waste Management
- Composting
- Electronic Waste Recycling

- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Quick Tips for Waste Reduction and Recycling

Golf & the Environment


- Benefits of Taller Grasses on Golf Courses

- Environmental Management Practices
- Golf and the Environment Overview

- Maintenance Facility BMPs- A Self-Assessment Checklist
What good are fast greens?

A selection of Audubon International Fact Sheets have been translated to Spanish

(Adobe Acrobat Needed to view these files) 



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