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Audubon International focuses on improving the quality of all life and biological diversity by using a regional approach.  We first identify the broad ecoregions and watersheds in which a property resides.  We identify significant natural elements within natural regions, plant communities, freshwater regions, and watersheds, and work with people to improve the places where they live work and play.

The Sustainable Communities Campaign's regional efforts provide a foundation for developing best management practices for properties. These properties facilitate habitat restoration, species conservation, water quality and natural resource conservation.  Together we establish monitoring procedures to ensure continued biodiversity and water quality management.

The natural environment isn’t confined only to preserves, parks, and protected lands.  With over 60% of the land privately owned and 75% privately managed in the United States, environmental stewardship must come from property owners, land managers, and developers.  We cannot merely rely upon “someone else” to protect the environment where we all live, work, and play.  With the right tools, information, and incentives for environmental action, we can all learn to live in harmony with nature.

Audubon International is leading the way with sustainable communities across the globe, and your charitable contribution will help us continue to help people protect the water, wildlife, and natural resources in your community and in communities throughout the world. 

Your donation to the Earth Fund helps to support Audubon International's regional campaign efforts where you live, work and play! 

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