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Audubon Green Golfer

From the early wind-swept fields of Scotland to the modern day experience, the game of golf is intimately tied to the natural environment.  As a golfer, you play a key role in ensuring that golf courses continue to preserve the nature of the game for present and future generations.

Take the pledge below or get your golf course involved in the Green Golfer Challenge!

The Audubon Green Golfer Pledge

"I value the nature of the game and accept my responsibility to ensure that golf courses are managed in harmony with the environment.  I pledge to: 

  • Be kind to the course: repair ball marks and replace divots to help maintain playability.

  • Walk, rather than use a cart, when possible.  Walking promotes physical fitness, healthy turf, and a clean environment.

  • Look for consistent, true ball roll on greens, rather than speed.  Lower mowing heights required for fast greens are at the root of many turf and environmental problems.

  • Keep play on the course and stay out of natural areas.  Respect designated environmentally sensitive areas and wildlife habitats within the course.

  • Use trash and recycling receptacles and encourage others to do the same.  If you see trash, don’t pass it up…pick it up!

  • Appreciate the nature of the game.  Watch for wildlife as you play and support the course’s efforts to provide habitat. 

  • Educate others about the benefits of environmentally responsible golf course management for the future of the game and the environment.

  • Encourage the golf course be an active participant in environmental programs for golf courses, such as those offered by Audubon International."


Next Steps

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"Audubon International is  making things better for everyone
—the birds and the golfers, both."

- Ben Crenshaw




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