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Participation in the Audubon Green Leaf Eco-Rating Program is helping hotels, like the Hotel Sofitel Chicago Water Tower, reduce their impact on the environment, increase efficiency, and achieve cost savings.

Audubon Green LeafTM Eco-Rating Program

Audubon Green Leaf Eco-Rating Program for Hotels helps all types of accommodation facilities reduce operating expenses and increase market share, while improving the environment.  The education and eco-rating program is offered jointly by Audubon International and TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, Inc.

Who can join?

Any type of accommodation facility internationally, including hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfast facilities.

What’s involved?

Members conduct a self-evaluation of their environmental performance that covers four key areas: energy efficiency, resource conservation, pollution prevention, and environmental management.  Based on the results, the hotel receives a confidential report that suggests ways to improve.  It is also awarded an eco-rating of from one to five “green leaves” that may be used in marketing and promotion.

Within a year of awarding the rating, hotels receive an on-site independent audit to verify its environmental best practices.  Hotels can increase their eco-ratings by implementing a variety of environmental measures.

Get involved and get results!

Getting involved is good for business and good for the environment.  Members achieve:

  • Cost savings through improved efficiency, reduced water and energy consumption, and reduced waste generation. 
  • Cost avoidance through compliance and reduced liability and risk.
  • Improved ability to increase market share.

Members receive a comprehensive tool kit that includes educational fact sheets and information on how to market the hotel as environmentally responsible.  Sample news releases, sample radio public service announcements, sample guest room directory text, a list of “top ten” things to do, and background information for staff and guests are also provided.

What does it cost?
Annual Membership fee:            $200, plus applicable taxes
Eco-Rating fee:                         $800, plus $1 per room, plus applicable taxes


For more information please contact Kevin Gallagher, TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, Inc., at [email protected] or call 1-800-478-0399

Click here to go to the TerraChoice website


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