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An additional $50 International Charge will be applied to all
memberships outside of the United States.


Audubon Memberships

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Associate Member of Audubon International
When you subscribe to ecoLogical Home Ideas, you will automatically become an Associate Member of Audubon International.  The magazine’s regular feature, “Treasuring Home Journal,” showcases Audubon International members and news, as well as ways to take action right at home.  ecoLogical Home Ideas also includes the latest green building news, remodeling techniques, do-it-yourself projects, resources, product reviews, a green events calendar, and more.
Audubon Partners for the Environment
A perfect fit for schools, businesses, and other organizations that want to do something good for the environment, and would like help and recognition along the way.  Participants choose from a variety of fun and engaging projects in five areas: wildlife, water, outreach and education, eco-efficiency, and community.  
Special programs for schools and youth organizations and neighborhoods are available.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program
Any business or corporate property, public or private, may become a Cooperative Sanctuary member. The program is flexible and accommodates a variety of different organizations and settings, including resorts, RV parks, nature centers, retirement communities, marinas, and corporate parks.


Price:  $150.00

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf
The projects undertaken through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program provide wildlife habitat, beauty, and distinction to a course and enhance enjoyment of the golfing experience.


Price:  $150.00  

Audubon Classic Program
Provides environmental planning assistance and certification to properties that are being redeveloped or undergoing restoration for improvement, while maintaining the same use.  It is also appropriate for properties that wish to gain recognition for meeting the environmentally rigorous operation and maintenance standards of the Audubon Signature Programs, but do not quality for those programs because they are not under development.

Audubon Signature Programs
Provide comprehensive environmental planning assistance and certification to new developments.  Three programs, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, are available.  Membership is based on the stage at which the project applies for membership, the complexity of the project, and the level of Audubon International involvement in planning, design, and oversight.
Sustainable Communities Program
Offers assistance with sustainability planning and community action, focusing on a healthy environment, quality of life for citizens, and economic vitality.  Three different tracks are offered: The Public Sector Track for local governments; Private Sector Track for large-scale developments; The University Track for educational communities.
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