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Did you know?

Tree swallows, bluebirds, wrens, and chickadees are among the birds that most commonly use nest boxes.

Join the Nestbox Network

The Nestbox Network is a citizen-science project begun in 1987 to monitor the nesting success of birds that use nest boxes.  Your participation contributes to a growing body of knowledge about cavity-nesting birds and what makes -- or breaks -- breeding success.

Who can participate?

The Nestbox Network is free and open to Audubon International program members and non-members alike.  Whether you maintain just one nest box or a whole nest box trail, your results are valuable! 


What’s involved?

Participants put up one or more nest boxes and monitor them weekly throughout the breeding season.  Participants record results of each nest box they put up on our Nestbox Survey Form, including the type of bird using the box, box location/habitat, and number of eggs, fledglings, and young birds that successfully leave each box.  At the end of the breeding season (September-October), participants send their Nest Box Survey Form to Audubon International. 


Get involved and see results!

The Nestbox Survey will help you get good results from the nest boxes you put up!  Monitoring your nest boxes will help you gauge your own results, deal with predators or problems quickly, and make alterations in box location if needed.  Your results also help Audubon International to track yearly trends and factors that effect successful outcomes.  And that leads to greater success for everyone who puts up nest boxes. 


2005 Results Now In

Many thanks to participants of our 2005 Nestbox Survey, who recorded a grand total of 6,748 new birds fledged from nest boxes.  This is our highest total in recent years, thanks, in part, to a 30% increase in the number of participants.  Data from the 2006 Nestbox Survey is being tallied now, and we hope to see an even greater number of members participate in 2007.

Click here to Download the Nestbox Survey (PDF)

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