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Audubon Signature Programs

The Natural Resource Management Plan

The Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) is a comprehensive guidance document for the development and long-term management of Audubon Signature projects.  It assesses natural resources and environmental impacts associated with the development and provides strategies for addressing natural resource issues.

What is included in the NRMP?
The NRMP is based on the Audubon Principles for Sustainable Resource Management and includes the assessment of and plans for:

  1. Wildlife conservation and habitat enhancement

  2. Waste reduction and management

  3. Energy efficiency

  4. Water conservation

  5. Water quality management and monitoring

  6. Integrated pest management

Who prepares the NRMP?
Bronze Program members may use qualified individuals or organizations to prepare the Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP).  Upon its completion, the NRMP is submitted to Audubon International for review and approval.

The NRMP is developed by the Audubon International Environmental Planning Department for Silver and Gold Program members. 

How is the NRMP used?
The project development team is responsible for implementing the recommendations and best management practices outlined in the NRMP.  The NRMP offers guidance not only during planning, construction, and development, but continues to guide the management of the property once development is complete.  Periodic updates to the NRMP may need to be made to address changing environmental conditions or accommodate new management practices. 

Audubon International staff conducts an on-site environmental audit of the project upon its completion to ensure that the NRMP has been implemented satisfactorily.  If so, the project earns the designation of Certified Audubon Signature Sanctuary.  To retain certification, the project must continue to follow the NRMP, submit annual reports and any appropriate documentation regarding environmental issues, host periodic re-certification site visits, and maintain current membership status by submitting annual membership dues.

For more information, contact Nancy E. Richardson, Audubon Signature Program Director, at, or (270) 869-9419.


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