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In 2004, Sarasota County became the first municipality in the Sunshine State to join the Sustainable Communities Program, and is working with Audubon International to create a statewide model for sustainable communities in Florida.

Sustainable Communities Program

The Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) helps communities take steps to ensure that they are healthy and vibrant places in which to live, work and play, both today and tomorrow.  We offer strategic planning assistance and a framework for education and action to help communities foster a healthy environment, quality of life for citizens, and economic vitality. 

The program is tailor-fit to each community to ensure that its specific needs, priorities, resources, and challenges are addressed.  Through the program, the community establishes priorities, develops a plan, and takes action that leads to meaningful results for the people who live, work, and recreate there.

Who can join?

The SCP offers three different tracks for prospective community members:

Public Sector Track
The Public Sector Track is designed to position your local government – municipal, town, city, county or regional – as a demonstrated leader on sustainability, while simultaneously working with your community’s businesses, schools, residents and other stakeholders to foster a citizen-driven process of planning, decision-making, and action resulting in concrete positive results.

Private Sector Track
Audubon International recognizes that many fully-functioning communities and destinations operate without a local government at their core, and instead may be defined by local, cultural, environmental or other factors.  In these instances,
a developer, resort, large-scale property owner, or other private organization may function in the main leadership role for the community.  The Private Sector Track of the SCP is designed to meet the needs of these communities.

University Track
Universities and colleges
are often called small cities for good reason. Institutions of higher learning are home to all the components one might find in a “traditional” community, and, like other communities, they face similar concerns and challenges.  The University Track is tailored to the unique dynamics of educational communities.

Is the program right for your community?
Many different types of communities join the Sustainable Communities Program—some are very large, with tens or hundreds of thousands of people; others are smaller, with a few hundred or several thousand.  Similarly, communities at all ends of the sustainability spectrum can benefit from participating in Audubon International’s SCP.  Whether your community is looking for assistance in planning for its future and addressing specific challenges, seeking guidance for implementing aspects of a comprehensive plan or achieving discrete goals, or if you feel you’ve already accomplished a great deal in the realm of sustainability and are just looking to enhance your efforts or earn third-party recognition for your success, Audubon International can help.

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For more information

To request a proposal for your community or discuss how the program can meet your needs, please contact:

Peter Bronski
, Sustainable Communities Program
Audubon International
PO Box 2218
Boulder, CO 80306

Phone/Fax: 303.494.5547
Email: [email protected]


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