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The Audubon Classic Sanctuary Program

 In recent years, many owners and managers of properties with existing land uses have expressed interest in joining a program of similar rigor to our Signature Programs for new developments.  These properties include ones being redeveloped or going through restoration for improvement, while maintaining the same use.  Others simply want recognition for environmental stewardship they believe will meet standards for operation and maintenance like those of the Signature Programs.  In response, Audubon International has now created the Audubon Classic Sanctuary Program.


The Classic Program falls between Audubon International’s Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programs for existing land uses and the Signature Programs (which work with projects in the planning stage of development through construction and long-term management).  The Classic Program is based upon Audubon International’s experience with the Signature Programs, taking into account that properties in it will already have been developed for certain uses and might to some extent be constrained by the prior development.  Like the Signature Programs, the Classic Program takes an approach that is flexible and adaptable to almost any type of property, including redevelopment or restoration projects, in any country.


A member of the Classic Program must meet minimum program requirements applicable to all members, plus any additional site-specific requirements identified by Audubon International.  In the process of seeking certification, it must host several site visits, submit monthly project progress reports, and implement a Classic Property Management Plan developed by our Environmental Planning Department, including meeting standards equivalent to the Signature Programs’ for maintenance facilities.  Certification is subject to passing a final on-site audit of the property.


Program Fees

Membership - $4,500 ($500 annual renewable program membership fee included)

Natural Resource Management Plan and 3 Site Visits  - $21,000 plus expenses.


The Classic Program will be administered by The Signature Programs Office. To learn more about the Classic Program call Nancy Richardson at (270) 869-9419 or e-mail her at [email protected].

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