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 Audubon International Staff

Jennifer Batza is the friendly voice that you hear when you call Audubon International’s general line.  She ensures that you receive the information that you ask for and keeps the rest of the staff organized.  Says Joellen Zeh, “We really couldn’t function without her.” Batza, Jennifer
ACSS Membership Coordinator
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Pete works with local governments and stakeholders to foster “greener” and more sustainable communities.  A former Staff Ecologist for the ACSP, he also has previous experience in wilderness preservation, water quality protection, and natural resource management.  His articles have appeared in numerous magazines across the country, and he’s hopelessly addicted to outdoor adventure.

Bronski, Peter
Manager,  Sustainable Communities Program
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Ron is the President of Audubon International.  He has worked in the environmental field for over 30 years and has a background in Wildlife Biology and Land Use Planning.  He has been involved in the development of public policies on the state and federal level, has created many environmental education programs, written numerous publications and has a huge number of frequent flier miles! Dodson, Ron
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Kevin oversees the management of all of Audubon International's programs, services, and initiatives.  He has a background and training in biology, management, environmental management, and sustainability.  Prior to working at Audubon International, he worked as a college instructor, journal editor, and management consultant in the fields of environmental management, business strategy, and sustainability. Fletcher, Dr. Kevin
Executive Director
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Howard has responsibility for all of Audubon International's operations and finances.  He is an attorney with thirty years' experience in environmental and energy issues.  Among other things, he has been involved in electric and gas transmission line and electric generating facility environmental reviews for the New York State Department of Public Service, headed up the legal staff on hydroelectric facility regulation for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and served for many years as chief legal officer of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Jack, Howard
Vice President
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Mary serves as Ron Dodson’s “right hand” and is “Minister Without Portfolio” for the organization.  She has a Master’s degree in Education, and, in addition to her experience as a high school English teacher, has previously worked for the World Wildlife Fund, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Crump’s Garage & Diesel Service. Jack, Mary
Assistant to the President
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Jean writes educational publications, edits Audubon International’s bimonthly newsletter Stewardship News, develops programs, and teaches seminars to help people protect and improve the quality of the environment.  She has worked with Audubon International’s program members since 1992.  Jean has traveled extensively in her previous work with the Audubon Expedition Institute and brings first hand knowledge of North America’s diverse people, places, and issues to her work with Audubon International. Mackay, Jean
Director of Education
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Fred is the Director of the Audubon Society of New York whose primary focus is the furtherance of Audubon International's mission in New York State. Fred  received his Bachelor of Arts from the College of St. Rose and has recently completed law studies at Concord University.  He has been licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as a Wildlife Rehabilitator for the last four years. Realbuto, Fred
Director of ASNY
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Paula is the Executive Assistant of Operations and has been with Audubon International for the last seven years.  Prior to that, she was the office manager of a law firm in Albany, New York for eight years.  Paula spends half her time overseeing accounting and bookkeeping functions for Audubon International and the other half of her time assisting with fundraising and membership development for the organization. Realbuto, Paula
Executive Assistant of Operations
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Nancy is the Program Director for the Audubon Signature Programs.  In this role, she is responsible for educating members, coordinating all technical assistance for program members, growing the program, working with planning and governmental agencies, overseeing  the  programs' certification process, and granting final certification in the program. She has worked in the environmental movement for over thirty years as an environmental educator, an interpretive naturalist, an Audubon historian, a wildlife preserve manager, and a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  Vacation time is spent 'not' on the road. Richardson, Nancy
Signature Director
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  Linda is the first point of contact for the Audubon Signature Programs--the friendly voice you'll hear when you call the Signature Office.  She is responsible for managing and processing all membership information (files, paperwork, etc.), assisting members on the phone and through email, coordinating information on members with the Headquarters office, managing travel and site visit schedules, and working directly with the Signature Program Director to meet all of the education needs and certification requirements of our members.  In this varied capacity, she is often buried under a pile of paperwork. Snow, Linda
Administrative Assistant
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Larry has a PhD in ecology and animal behavior.  He is a professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies at Siena College.  His main research interests are animal population ecology and conservation.  He studies terrestrial frog populations in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  He works on conservation policy development for AI and is a member of the team that does ecological design work for members of the Audubon Gold Signature Program. Woolbright, Dr. Larry
Director, Wildlife Conservation Services
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Shawn provides environmental planning assistance and project recommendations to Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program members.  A graduate of Ecosystem Management Technology, he also holds degree in Sociology and Geology.  Shawn comes to us from Canada, where he worked as the coordinator for two golf courses on their Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programs.  He also served for a short time as a wildlife assistant with the Canadian Wildlife Service. Williams, Shawn
Environmental Technician /
Staff Ecologist

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Joellen is the Programs Manager for the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Programs.  In this role, she oversees all aspects of ACSP education and certification for members.  She received her degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University.  Joellen has worked as an environmental educator in a variety of settings including working with high school interns, conducting research at Cornell, speaking with church groups about solid waste issues, developing a training manual on multi-purpose trees, writing environmental education curriculum, and educating school children in ecology. Zeh, Joellen
Programs Manager
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