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(Photo: Wildlife garden project- Safra Resort, Singapore)

Financial Support

Audubon International is supported by memberships, contributions, grants, bequests, endowment income, and program fees for services related to environmental education, research, site reviews, and developmental planning assistance.  This section of our web site recognizes organizations and individuals who have made a substantial commitment of financial resources to help make Audubon International a success. 

A complete copy of Audubon International’s audited financial statements is available upon request from Audubon International’s Executive Assistant for Operations. 

Contributors, Program Sponsors, Supporters, and In-Kind Donations
Click here for a listing of major funding support provided by Program Sponsors, as well as generous financial and in-kind donations from individuals and organizations.

Real Estate Donations & Easements
Audubon International accepts donations of land to be protected as wildlife preserves or conserved with a conservation easement. 


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