Audubon Green Golfer Challenge

The Audubon Green Golfer Challenge is a way for golf courses to encourage their golfers to take the Green Golfer Pledge, as a simple way to support environmental stewardship while playing golf and carry on the sport's venerable tradition of preserving the nature of the game.  Equally important, it helps golf make a positive difference in the quality of our environment for present and future generations. 

Get Involved!

The Green Golfer Challenge is open to all golf facilities.  Sign on today and encourage golfers at your course to take the Audubon Green Golfer Pledge.  Golfers in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide are invited to sign the free pledge online, or via a pledge sheet that you make available at your golf course.

  1. Sign on!  E-mail us at [email protected] to let us know that you're joining the challenge.  Include your name and your course name, city, state, type of course, and whether you are already enrolled in an Audubon Program. 
    We will list your course on our Green Golfer Leader Board.

  2. Set a goal.  Decide what percentage or number of your course’s golfers that you want to take the pledge.  Remember, the more golfers get involved, the stronger the impact of the pledge becomes.

  3. Download and post the Green Golfer Challenge Pledge Sheet in your club house or pro shop.  Publicize the pledge in your newsletter and during events and tournaments. 

  4. Collect and return completed pledge sheets by November 15, 2022 to Audubon International to be included in our grand tally.  We'll post totals for participating golf courses and award prizes in 2022 for golf courses whose golfers sign the most pledges.

Check the Green Golfer Leader Board for a list of participants, what new golf shoes they are using and pledge totals. 


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