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Did you know?

145 development projects in the U.S. and in eight other countries, covering more than 69,000 acres of land are enrolled in Audubon Signature Programs. 



Audubon Signature Programs

The Audubon Signature Programs provide comprehensive environmental planning assistance to new developments.  The programs help landowners and developers design for the environment so that both economic and environmental objectives are achieved.  Once construction is complete, involvement in an Audubon Signature Program ensures that managers apply sustainable resource management practices in the long-term stewardship of the property.

Three programs, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, are available.  Membership is based on the stage at which the project applies for membership, the complexity of the project, and the level of Audubon International involvement in planning, design, and oversight. 

Who can join?
Projects in the planning, design or earliest stages of development may apply for membership.  Gold Program members must join prior to the completion of the design of the project.  Audubon Signature Program members currently include golf courses, residential communities, churches, schools, and multi-faceted developments (e.g., commercial, residential, and recreational components).

What’s involved?*
The program begins when the development project registers and continues through construction, grand opening, and long-term management.  The program involves:

  • An initial site assessment conducted by Audubon International staff
  • The development of a Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) that serves as a construction and operations manual for the property 
  • Implementation of the NRMP
  • Site visits during major phases of the project
  • Training and education for construction and operational personnel
  • An on-site Environmental Audit to assess compliance with program and site-specific requirements
  • Certification as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary
  • Long-term management in accordance with Audubon Signature standards

*Audubon Signature services and requirements vary in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Programs.  See the program specific information for details.

Get involved and get results!
Audubon International works closely with owners, planners, architects, managers, and key stakeholders to apply sound environmental conservation and sustainable development practices while planning, designing, building, and managing the development.  A project that complies with the minimum requirements for all Signature Projects and meets applicable site-specific requirements is designated as a Certified Audubon Signature Sanctuary.  This prestigious honor recognizes sustainable design and development, while adding market value to the project.

Audubon Signature members get results: marketing edge, operation and maintenance cost savings, reduced risk, recognition for environmental leadership, and environmental protection and enhancement.

What does it cost?
Program fees start at $9,500; additional expenses vary among Gold, Silver, and Bronze Programs, and with the size, location, and complexity of each project.  See program specific information for details.

For more information, contact Nancy E. Richardson, Audubon Signature Programs Director, at [email protected], or (270) 869-9419.


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